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ZS celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

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Sept. 28, 2020 | Article | 3-minute read

ZS celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 through October 15) honors the cultures and contributions of both Hispanic and Latinx Americans as we celebrate a heritage rooted in all Latin American countries. From virtual dance lessons to cooking classes, ZSers have found unique ways to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month virtually with their offices. Hear from some of our ZSers below about how they are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month this year and why they value being members of our Black and Hispanic Alliance (BHA).

What do you value about your BHA membership?

I have been a member of the ZS family for over 21 years and have participated in many events and have been involved with many initiatives, but one that’s true and close to my heart is the Black and Hispanic Alliance. Not only do people thrive in a welcoming and inclusive environment, but this group has also been instrumental in spotlighting some of the challenges that the Black and Hispanic communities are enduring and bringing them to light.

How are you celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month this year?

Last year, the Chicago office was able to try various Hispanic snacks and dishes such as Mexican flan, Venezuelan arepas, pastelitos de guava y queso from Cuba and empanadas Colombianas. This year’s activities will be different, but our offices are finding unique ways to celebrate virtually. In Chicago, we hosted a virtual concert by Cielito Lindo and a virtual session that taught us all about various Latin dances including Cumbia, Merengue and Bachata. We are also excited to be offering a Zumba class and virtual lunchtime demos where we’ll learn how to cook traditional Latino dishes.

Why is it important for you to make an impact as a BHA member?

ZS provides a welcoming and accepting environment. Being a member of the BHA leadership team gives me a platform to contribute big and small ideas that will help us build a more diverse team, and ultimately make our firm an even more welcoming place for everyone.

“Our inclusive culture has helped many people of different backgrounds find success, and we continue to focus on our inclusion and diversity efforts.”

What do you value about your BHA membership?

My involvement with the BHA in our San Diego office has enabled me to bring the parts of my life that make me who I am on a personal level to the forefront of our firmwide effort to retain our unique culture through the next phase of our growth. 

How does the BHA help you feel empowered in your heritage, at work?

It is empowering as a Latin American, originally from Nicaragua, to have the BHA as a support network, and to know that the firm has enabled me to create the change I want to see. Our local BHA network in New York holds events that are informational and that empower the Black and Hispanic community with the voice to initiate broader change.

How will the BHA celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month this year?

In New York, we’re hosting a series of events on Latin music culture, Latin American history in the US, as well as discussing current and historical immigration policies in the US. I believe it’s important to understand people’s history to understand their perspective, and given the challenges occurring in today’s world, we want to give ZSers the opportunity to learn more about the Hispanic side of U.S. history. The ZS community is extremely welcoming and open to learning new perspectives, and I’m excited to open the dialogue.

Why did you join the BHA and how have you found value in being part of the group?

I joined the BHA in our San Francisco office because I am interested in learning about other people's points of view, especially if we have different upbringings and backgrounds. Joining a diverse group provides the opportunity to consider different perspectives and challenges other than your own. Also, I’m happy to welcome and support other ZSers who are looking for connections to their backgrounds.

What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you?

HHM is a celebration of the diversity and contributions of individuals from a collection of nations that share similar values yet are different. For me, living 13 years as an ex-pat, HHM is an opportunity to get together, share and reflect on our roots and traditions.


Thank you to all our BHA members for your contributions to help further ZS’s broader inclusion and diversity efforts. Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

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