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ZS empowers women in tech

By Kailah Peters

June 26, 2022 | Article | 3-minute read

ZS empowers women in tech

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At ZS, we know innovation is only possible when diverse minds work together to solve complex problems. That’s why we work to recruit, maintain and foster the brilliant minds of our diverse ZSers. As one of the first women in our tech practice and an early female principal, Bazgha Qutab, can attest to the ways ZS empowers and supports women in tech.

Bazgha’s passion for technology is deeply rooted in her family’s history; two of her three sisters work in tech, and her mother was one of a few women in Pakistan to hold a master’s degree in computer science—a rarity in the 1980s.


“I got into tech my second job out of college,” she reflects. “I realized very early in my career that you can’t operate without technology; you can’t do forecasting models, you can’t collect or analyze data, you can’t do assessments and understand business performance. Technology was something I needed to learn to stay relevant. This industry is the future.” 

Bazgha made her way to ZS in 2011 where she worked as a consultant in our Los Angeles office under our newly established business technology practice. There, her passion and talent flourished, and she was essential in helping ZS enter new domains and spaces. Bazgha later relocated to Europe, where she worked her way up to the principal level and helped ZS expand their global practice. 


“ZS has supported me throughout my journey,” she says with pride. “Our tech practice is always pushing for innovation, so I’ve been allowed to be very entrepreneurial in this company. If I have an idea, as long as I can prove value and impact, I can have a team come together to build a product out.” This was the case with our clinical design center, the project Bazgha says she is most proud of. “It was literally a sketch that I did with a fellow team member in a room of our San Francisco office. We had a concept in mind, and we turned that concept into a small version. It has since become an industry-class asset!” This innovative and entrepreneurial spirit is relevant in all ZS tech endeavors. Read more about how Takeda Oncology and ZS created an AI-powered application based on real-world insights here.

“I like challenges and I like ventures,” Bazgha says with a smile. “ZS has allowed me to constantly get on the new venture. Every few years I’m building a new asset. It’s very cool to be developing products and serving clients while being under the umbrella of an established organization. I’d say that’s why ZS is a good place to be for women in tech. It gives a challenging, high-speed environment. For people who want to play with different ideas and products, they can. They can constantly be in startup mode while also being nurtured. ZS takes care of our people.” As the European lead for Women@ZS, Bazgha knows just how true this statement is. From mentorship and professional development coaching to flexible hours and maternity leave, ZS supports our women in tech.


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