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ZS recognizes the growth and development journeys of its newly promoted employees

By Kailah Peters

Aug. 22, 2022 | Article | 3-minute read

ZS recognizes the growth and development journeys of its newly promoted employees

ZS is proud to foster an environment that encourages professional development. Recently, we promoted more than 950 ZSers around the world. These promotions honor the hard work of our dedicated team members who champion our business, people and clients worldwide. Keep reading for an inside look at how our people reach new heights and celebrate their promotions. 

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Vikram has been with ZS for over eight years and was recently promoted to business operations manager. “I’ve been given trust and opportunities from my very first days at ZS,” he says. “My seniors guided and mentored me all along the way, and my team has always supported me.”


“Spectacular triumph calls for grand celebrations, which started with my wife and I taking a vacation to France and Switzerland. We had a party in this stunning European nation. When our dear friends joined us in Switzerland, we doubled the fun.”

To celebrate her promotion, Avery took a weeklong hiking vacation in Colorado.


Avery has been at ZS for almost five years and helps expand and support partnerships, programs and processes that help advance our global diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. “I’ve been promoted twice during my time here and the opportunities ZS has given me made that happen,” she says. “Even when I was at the most junior level in the firm, I was given ownership of projects that inspired internal and external impact and I got to work with leaders in the firm to make the projects successful. I am so grateful for the impactful and inspiring DEI work I get to do every single day in my job, and I'm just as grateful for the people I get to do it with. I know that my two promotions at ZS would not have been possible without the amazing support from ZSers along the way.”

“ZS has allowed me to carve my own path and follow my passion,” Adam says. “For a while, I thought I needed to follow the path laid out in front of me; the one I thought that ZS expected of me. When I began to question it and wanted to explore, I was met with nothing but support and encouragement from my mentors and leaders. This really enabled me to go on my own journey of self-discovery and figure out what I wanted out of my own career, seeking out mentorship and guidance along the way. I truly believe this is unique to ZS and a way that we live our values.”


Adam recently celebrated his 13-year anniversary at ZS and a new promotion. “My friends are joking that my ZS career is now old enough to celebrate its Bar Mitzvah,” he said, laughing. “Mazel tov to me!”

Zishan got the news of his promotion just a month after transferring back to our Buenos Aires office. With excellent timing, he got to celebrate his second promotion on his birthday with a lovely dinner with friends and colleagues.


“During my five years at ZS I’ve worked on multiple projects. Two of my favorites have a similar theme—incentive compensation (for a pharmaceutical client) and revenue management (for a travel and hospitality client),” he says. “ZS has helped me grow personally and professionally. Working in and across multiple geographies and interacting with people of different cultures has helped me fine-tune how I interact and communicate to build my impact.”

Ankita celebrated her promotion with a team party! All the promoted ZSers on her team celebrated together with dancing, music and some amazing food.


“Throughout my journey at ZS, the people have been super supportive, warm and always approachable,” says Ankita. “I especially want to thank my mentor and friend Sandeep for playing a pivotal role in my learning and growth at ZS and for always being there as a pillar of support. Also, a big thanks to an incredibly supportive team and some amazing friends I made at ZS.”


Congratulations to all our recently promoted ZSers! Learn more about how to channel your passion into growth at ZS by visiting our careers page and social media.

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