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ZS SEED program fosters emerging talent

By Kailah Peters

April 7, 2022 | Article | 3-minute read

ZS SEED program fosters emerging talent

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Student recruitment is the fuel for growing ZS’s innovative and collaborative culture. To help ZS engage with the bright young minds at historically Black colleges and universities, we invite students to participate in ZS SEED. The ZS SEED Program is an opportunity for smart, collaborative and ambitious students to plant a strong footing toward their ideal career through a competitive acceleration program.


In this program, currently enrolled sophomores and freshmen first participate in ZS SEED Immersion, a four-day intensive program where students work side by side with ZSers to deliver on a client need. Last year, students worked to address vaccination hesitancy with a pro bono client that runs a campus for families in a transition. 


The year after ZS SEED Immersion, students are invited back to participate in ZS SEED Apprenticeship, a ten-week paid summer rotational program. During ZS SEED Apprenticeship, students cycle through three roles and garner a hands-on experience of life at ZS. 


ZS SEED gives students coaching and mentor support to understand their career journey. Through this program, you can get a clear idea of how consulting at ZS will help you meet your professional goals while leveraging your degree and talent. 


“During the immersion program, my team leaders helped me think outside my comfort zone while continuously guiding and providing support throughout the whole process,” says Reagan Alverez, a ZS SEED fellow from Alabama A&M University.


Keep reading for an inside look at ZS SEED from Reagan Alverez.

Reagan participated in ZS SEED Immersion during the summer of 2021. “I was attracted to the ZS SEED Program by the opportunity to not only improve my professional and technical skills but also expose myself to the world of business consulting and see new ways I could use my degree in psychology,” says Reagan.


“I applied to the program through the Thurgood Marshall College Fund,” Reagan says proudly. The Thurgood Marshall College Fund (TMCF) is the nation’s largest organization exclusively representing the Black college community. By partnering with TMCF, ZS is able to diversify our teams and maintain an inclusive and innovative network of ZSers.


During its first year, ZS SEED Immersion was a virtual three-day intensive program. Students around the world connected with ZSers to solve client needs, explore future careers and gain hands-on experience in consulting. This year, the ZS SEED Program welcomes a new cohort at one of ZS’s America-based offices, as Reagan and other members of her ZS SEED Immersion cohort continue with their journey participating in summer internships and ZS SEED Apprenticeships with client teams.


“During the immersion program, my team leaders helped me think outside my comfort zone while continuously guiding and providing support throughout the whole process.” 

When asked about the lessons learned in ZS SEED, Reagan’s face lights up with excitement. “I have learned numerous lessons from the program, one major lesson being how to collaborate in a virtual work setting. When my team started to build our case solution for the client during the immersion program, it was difficult establishing ideas and a place to start. The ZS team leads helped us over those hurdles and inspired confidence every step of the way.”


Now, one year later, Reagan is preparing to return to ZS as a Strategy Insights & Planning Associate intern in the San Mateo office.


“I have to say, my favorite part of life at ZS is the values and emphasis they put on people,” she says with a glow. “Everyone I have encountered has been so supportive and friendly.” 


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