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How one ZSer found home in Seattle thanks to ZS's employee transfer program

By Kailah Peters

May 13, 2022 | Article | 3-minute read

How one ZSer found home in Seattle thanks to ZS's employee transfer program

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As ZSers we know growth can’t happen when things stay the same. It’s important for us to recognize the role a transfer program can play in helping us grow both personally and professionally. By supporting ZSers in their choice to move between our global offices, we offer our people the opportunity to learn new skills and expertise, work with new people and expand our ZS network. Just look at Sydney Kayman, a human resources associate who moved from San Francisco to Seattle with the help of ZS.

“I found ZS after moving to California with my parents,” Sydney says between sips of iced coffee. “It was funny because the headquarters were back home in Evanston, where I grew up, and it was a consulting firm. I was so gung-ho about never working at a professional services firm again, but you know what won me over? The people and the flexibility that ZS gave me. I could work between the West Coast and the Midwest.”


“And the team!” Sydney says with a large grin. “I just felt so supported. It is the nicest group of people I’ve ever worked with. I feel listened to, I feel heard, and I feel like I can test my ideas.”


After living with her parents but working remotely while assigned to the San Francisco office, Sydney decided it was time for her to move out and explore new cities. “I recruit for all our West Coast offices: Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego,” she said. “Seattle felt good to me because I liked the small nature of the office.”


ZS’s Seattle office opened in 2020, making it relatively small but growing fast. The location allows ZSers to focus on clients in high tech, giving consultants a unique experience within ZS. Sydney says, “As someone who likes to bring ideas forward and wants to be a leader in HR, I thought the growing nature of the Seattle office would be a really good opportunity for me.” 

So, on a whim, she visited.


 “I did all the tourist things. I went to the Space Needle and Pike Place Market, and I loved it. I felt like I could just be myself,” Sydney says with a glow. “I put in my transfer right after I visited.”


Full-time ZSers with at least a year of tenure are eligible to request a transfer within their home country, while a two-year tenure is required for international transfer requests. Once a request has been submitted, HR reviews performance and business needs before approving the transfer. Sydney’s took about three months to get approved.


Once Sydney’s transfer had been approved, ZS helped her make an easy transition.


“ZS helped with the entire move,” Sydney says.  “There is a company ZS works with…I packed up all my boxes, and they shipped everything to Seattle for me. They even booked me a flight. It was all really smooth because of ZS’s help.”


Sydney has now been working out of the Seattle office for just over five months, and she loves it. “Everyone in Seattle is so welcoming! The office has a family feel. I love it because I feel needed.”


“Everybody should move to Seattle,” Sydney says with a smile on her face. Why? “The coffee, the views, the food!”

Find your passion at ZS! To learn more about your opportunities for growth in Seattle and beyond, visit our careers page and social media.

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