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ZSer thrives as consultant in life after campus

By Ishita Sharma

April 2, 2024 | Article | 3-minute read

ZSer thrives as consultant in life after campus

At ZS, we take pride in fostering an environment where every individual’s journey is valued and celebrated. We recently met Mansi Kanodia, a decision analytics associate consultant at our Pune office, to learn more about her experience transitioning from college to ZS.


Mansi joined ZS in 2020 and fondly recalls her initial impressions: “The ZS interview process effectively assessed my ability to think critically and analyze situations, reflecting ZS’s commitment to hiring individuals with strong analytical and problem-solving skills,” she says.

A significant factor that attracted Mansi to ZS was its inclusive culture and strong sense of community. She says, “ZS stood out to me as an ideal employer due to its reputation for offering a supportive work environment with competitive benefits. Right from the start, ZS provided ample space and time for me to acclimate to the company’s culture, processes and expectations. Regular feedback from senior team members was instrumental in enhancing my skills, so I could contribute more meaningfully to projects. Their encouragement always motivated me to work diligently and with dedication.”

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The opportunity to work on challenging projects has been crucial to Mansi’s growth and development at ZS. From navigating complex data-driven projects to leading teams and guiding projects to success, Mansi has consistently demonstrated her analytical prowess and leadership potential. Her recent project on analyzing patient-level data to gain insights into product performance and market dynamics underscores her commitment to delivering value to ZS’s clients.


“The primary challenge faced by our clients was a consistent decline in the sales of their drugs and they sought to identify the primary reason for this trend. To address this, we examined the patient claim data, which provided a comprehensive overview of the patient’s journey, including changes to their medications. We highlighted key competitors, cost differences, dosage cycles and other factors that contributed to changes in prescribed medications. Despite the tight timelines, our team successfully conducted the necessary analyses and ultimately delivered effective solutions to the problem,” she proudly shares.


Mansi says that ZS is not only a great company to start one’s career but also to grow and expand one’s horizons. “ZS has afforded me numerous leadership and growth opportunities. My mentors have helped me gain a deep understanding of my strengths and areas for improvement, enabling me to set clear goals for my career advancement. ZS has also helped to enhance my networking skills. These experiences have contributed to both my personal and professional growth.”


Mansi has found many friends amongst her colleagues: her chai friends, 3 a.m. friends and road trip friends. Thanks to their support, her transition from college to ZS was smooth and seamless. “Moving from college to the corporate world often means leaving behind the fun and close bonds shared with peers. However, as someone new to ZS, you experience a camaraderie reminiscent of college, with colleagues who are welcoming, supportive and always willing to help you learn and progress. What also sets ZS apart is the respect for personal space and understanding of personal emergencies. I faced a challenging phase where I needed support to balance my personal and professional life, and my team was there every step of the way.”


Mansi’s story serves as an inspiration for aspiring students seeking a rewarding career journey in consulting. Learn more about our campus-engagement program at Campus Beats.

Life at ZS

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