ZS's commitment to inclusion and diversity initiatives is rooted in our promise to treat people right, do the right thing and get it right. During Black History Month, ZSers around the globe have been celebrating with virtual events hosted by the Black and Hispanic Alliance (BHA), one of our diversity, equity and inclusion groups. From a companywide town hall to facilitated speaker sessions, each event aims to spark conversations and inspire action.


The BHA is committed to creating a welcoming environment for Black and Hispanic ZSers to thrive. Throughout the year, this group plays a unique and vital role in uplifting diverse voices, respectfully challenging thought, encouraging participation and inspiring action.

Allura L., a strategy insights and planning associate in ZS’s New York office, says, “When I joined ZS, I found a community in the BHA. The members and I would get together to bond over our experiences and talk through what we wanted to see at ZS. I still remember those early conversations—we would talk about how we were feeling, about 2020, about working at ZS and ideas we wanted to raise to leadership. Having a group I could go to for these conversations was integral to creating a sense of belonging at ZS. It gave me a safe space to be myself.

“Over time, those conversations turned into action. Conversations about raising cultural awareness around the office turned into webinars that did just that. We got buy-in from leadership and were able to implement changes at a local and national level. What started as a welcoming space for me to connect with colleagues grew into proposed changes and solutions.”

The BHA continues to grow a community of ZSers working to build awareness of the Black and Hispanic perspective in ways that contribute to ZS’s goals and company culture. “The BHA is a community that’s always there,” says Allura. “With ZS I feel there is always room and support to speak up. I’m able to be my authentic self!”


Fostering a diverse, inclusive and welcoming culture is a natural part of how ZS lives our values to treat people right, do the right thing and get it right. Join our team by exploring open roles.

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