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ZSers support their communities with pro bono work

By Kailah Peters

July 23, 2022 | Article |

ZSers support their communities with pro bono work

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At ZS, we believe in treating people right, getting it right and doing the right thing. This often means using our passion, skills and expertise to give back to the communities around us. ZSers like Kunal Taneja, a business operations associate consultant in New Delhi, use ZS Cares to empower their volunteer efforts.


“My parents always gave me very simple advice,” Kunal says. “If you are really good at something you should utilize that skill to help others. That’s why I knew I wanted to contribute more to my community by means of long-term engagements beyond ZS Cares Day in order to have a lasting impact.” 

ZSers understand that making an impact sometimes requires a different approach. That’s why ZS supports our people in turning ideas into action. Here you’ll have the freedom to define your own path and pursue cutting-edge work. Kunal and his colleagues Supriya and Eashita quickly realized there was an opportunity to bring pro bono consulting to our India offices. They and their global ZS Cares partners searched for a way they could assist—that’s when they found the Clothes Box Foundation. This organization employs rural women to refurbish waste fabrics into clothes that are then donated to India’s underprivileged communities.


“This first project was really special to me,” Kunal says. “This project was important because it was the steppingstone for future projects. It had to showcase that there is a need for pro bono consulting in India offices. We thought if we didn’t do a good job here, we would have trouble scaling our pro bono work.”


The first project the team undertook aimed to help the Clothes Box Foundation improve its inventory management system. Over the course of a month, Kunal and his team helped develop an easy-to-use and scalable solution that could track all inventory.  


While ZS offers volunteering opportunities during working hours, Kunal dedicated his personal time to support this pro bono project. “All of this work is over and above,” Kunal says. “I do my pro bono work in addition to being fully staffed, but somehow this doesn’t feel like work.”


By the end of the project, the team had helped increase the Clothes Box Foundation’s efficiency by 50%, indirectly benefiting and helping clothe countless people.


After the success of their first project, Kunal knew he wanted to do more. To accomplish this, he would need a larger team.


“We reached out to all the principals in our three offices in India and spoke at office forums to look for volunteers,” Kunal says. “I expected 30-35 people would sign up, but, to our surprise and elation, over 90 ZSers volunteered! We can proudly say that we have managed to build a community of 90-plus passionate ZSers who are willing to volunteer time to make an impact where it matters.”  


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