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Javelin™ Communication Manager

Optimize communications across the field.

Clear, targeted communications are an expectation and best practice across any organization. When you pair that with sales compensation, territory data or customer data, it’s essential, but this is easier said than done. When sensitive sales information is being shared with your sales team, you must ensure that it’s both accurate and secure.

Javelin Communication Manager is a web portal and email application designed to easily publish, share and archive critical sales performance reports. Built-in security features ensure that individuals access only the information that they have permission to view.

Email Notifications

Alert your reps of newly available incentive reports.

Document Acknowledgement

Allow your sales team to confirm receipt of important documents and reports.

Download Reports

Offer sales reps the option to save reports based on a selected timeframe.



Optimize communications across the field.

  • Centrally manage subscription lists, publish reports and archive communications.
  • Create custom report delivery options to enhance communications.
  • Gain rapid access to current and past publications.
  • Eliminate compliance headaches with built-in security and quality control.