ZS employs a dedicated team of software technical support professionals to support clients who license our JAVELIN®, REVO™ and VERSO™ products. Software technical support is included in the license fees for the applications listed below, with the terms outlined on this website.


Please note: all ZS Technical Support is provided in English.

When you license our software, you will be asked to name one or more Designated Contacts from your organization to act as liaison to ZS for all software support issues for the applications listed on the Supported Products tab.


If your organization licenses multiple ZS software products, you will be asked to designate one Global Primary Contact from your organization; that individual will be ZS’s sole point of contact in the event of an issue affecting multiple sites.


Client contacts should be proficient in English and have the requisite knowledge and skills to work with ZS toward explanation, duplication, diagnosis, and remediation of any reported issue.



     U.S.: 877-393-9775
     India: 000-800-100-3930
     Other locations: +80-00-607-8888




There are two tiers of software technical support. Issues that cannot be promptly resolved by Tier 1 support will be escalated to Tier 2 support for further investigation and analysis.  Availability of our support staff differs by support tier, as explained below.

Always available, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Tier 1 technical support professionals can reset passwords, log and escalate support  tickets and add details to existing tickets.

Available Monday - Friday (except ZS holidays in the US or India) 18 hours per day, 5 days per week, from 12:01 am – 6:00 pm U.S. Central Time.


Tier 2 technical support professionals have specialized expertise in specific products and resolve more complex support issues. 

ZS is committed to hosted system availability and support responsiveness.


Response times vary depending on the severity of each support issue. The Escalation section, below, describes the process by which a client may request that the designated severity level of an issue be changed.


The Initial Response Time for each case is determined by the Severity Levels outlined below. Initial Response Time is the amount of time in which ZS strives to acknowledge receipt of a support issue. The chart below outlines our policies but is not a legal guarantee. Check your software license agreement and schedule(s) for a more detailed, and legally binding service level agreement.


If a client believes that they have a Severity Level 1 issue, a Designated Contact from the client must contact ZS by phone.


Critical problems that require immediate attention and there is no obvious workaround immediately available.

2 business hours


Serious impairment of core system functionality with no obvious workaround immediately available. The system is operational but the client’s use is materially restricted.

4 business hours


Moderate problems that occur within the system but the majority of functions are still usable.  A work around solution exists and the issue does not prevent the client from using the system.

2 business days


Minor impact problems regarding the use of the system

3 business days

If the business impact of a support issue changes, clients may report the change and ask ZS to consider a Severity Level change. If clients are not satisfied with ZS software technical support for any reason, they may escalate a matter to management within ZS. To facilitate the resolution of an escalated service request, clients will be asked to provide a senior contact from their organization, who will become the new client contact for the escalated support matter.

Refer to your software license agreement and schedule(s) for more details.

ZS is committed to ensuring the software in our Production environment will be available 99.5% of the time, not including planned downtime.


Planned downtime (system maintenance and scheduled downtime) is proactively managed to minimize impact to our clients.

ZS will make best efforts to carry out all maintenance and updates during the below system maintenance windows, to minimize the impact to clients:

  • Monday – Thursday: 10pm – 11 pm U.S. Central Time
  • Friday – Sunday: 9pm Friday – 9pm Sunday U.S. Central Time

At times, ZS may need to conduct maintenance outside the System Maintenance Windows, or third party vendors, that we depend upon, may conduct maintenance that impacts Javelin systems at unanticipated times. ZS Client Teams, working closely with clients, are notified by ZS Technical Support regarding the downtime. On an opt-in basis, ZS clients (or the IT departments that support them) can be directly informed of downtime by our Technical Support team (rather than wait to be notified by their ZS Client Team). To request these notifications, please contact support@zs.com.

The ZS Software Technical Support team is committed to supporting the following applications:



  • JAVELIN Incentive Manager
  • JAVELIN Data Manager
  • JAVELIN Sales Compensation Report
  • JAVELIN Communication Manager
  • JAVELIN Quota Manager
  • JAVELIN Field Hub
  • JAVELIN Operations Hub
  • JAVELIN Alignment Manager
  • JAVELIN Application Catalyst
  • JAVELIN Call Plan Manager
  • JAVELIN Territory Designer


  • REVO Data Manager
  • REVO Analytics Workbench
  • REVO Data Hub
  • REVO Data Catalog
  • REVO Evidence


  • VERSO Orchestration Engine
  • VERSO Field Insights