2017 Fair Pricing Forum: The Message for Pharma CEOs

Ed Schoonveld

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Drug pricing continues to be a social and political dilemma that forms a divide between the drug industry on one side and the medical community, governments and patients on the other. Frustration over the high cost of prescription drugs has resulted in a groundswell of government and private initiatives to increase transparency, analyze value or directly control pricing.

In this article, ZS’s Ed Schoonveld provides insight into the discussions held at the World Health Organization 2017 Fair Pricing Forum, and he delivers a powerful message to pharmaceutical CEOs.

About the Experts

Ed Schoonveld is a managing principal at ZS and is the leader of the firm’s value and access solution area. In this role, he provides strategic consulting and research solutions to healthcare industry clients, and he’s considered to be one of the world’s leading experts on global pharmaceutical pricing and market access. Ed has unparalleled experience as the former head of the global market access and pricing functions at Wyeth, Lilly and BMS, and as a consulting leader at Cambridge/IMS and a number of other organizations. Ed is the author of The Price of Global Health, a textbook about global drug pricing and market access; the second edition was published in 2015.