Profitable Sales Growth in Six Steps ā€” Step 1: Develop a Successful Sales Strategy

Mike Moorman, Tony Yeung


What do sales leaders want above all else? Profitable revenue growth. What’s the first ingredient required to achieve it? A winning sales strategy.

Just one problem: many sales leaders don’t know how to develop a winning sales strategy.

“The term ‘sales strategy’ hasn’t always been defined clearly in the sales profession,” says Mike Moorman, Managing Principal at ZS Associates, a global sales and marketing consulting firm. “Essentially, the term is about three basic questions: who is the sales force going to sell to, what are they going to sell to them, and how are they going to sell to them?”

In other words, sales strategy is defined as the customer segments that a company targets, its value propositions for each segment, its sales force structure, and its associated selling processes. And although many sales leaders would agree that their strategy needs to be grounded by deep insight into customer needs and buying processes, they often end up chasing strategy with no game plan about how those strategies will tie back to growth.

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About the Experts

Mike Moorman is a Managing Principal at ZS Associates and is based in the firm’s Chicago office. He is the leader of ZS's Private Equity practice as well as the firm's Go-to-Market Strategy and Transformation practice area. During his tenure at ZS, Mike has consulted globally with more than 40 organizations across multiple industries including high tech, transportation, financial services, industrial products, consumer goods, energy and life sciences. His primary expertise is in business-to-business sales force strategy, sales effectiveness transformations, and sales force mergers.

Tony Yeung is a Principal with ZS Associates and a leader in the firm's global B2B Sales and Marketing Practice. He has more than 12 years’ experience in sales and marketing as a practitioner and consultant. Tony's work spans industries with a B2B focus, including medical devices, business services, transportation and logistics, and high tech. He has focused on a range of sales and marketing issues that include go-to-market strategy, structure design, sales deployment, sales effectiveness, incentive compensation and operations.