AccessMonitor™ 2014 Executive Summary

If Physicians Aren’t Listening to Sales Reps, What Are They Listening To?

Despite incipient signs of leveling off, pharmaceutical rep access to physicians continues to decline, particularly in certain specialties and areas of the country. Overall, close to half of all doctors in the United States are now considered “access restricted” to varying degrees.

Does that figure constitute a point of no return for physician access, a need for pharma companies to reinvent access strategies, a reconsideration of “access” entirely—or all of the above?

According to ZS Associates’ latest AccessMonitorTM survey, which examines call reports for more than 200 pharmaceutical sales teams, 51% of prescribers were considered “accessible” in 2014, compared with 55% in 2013. Though this year’s drop was less precipitous than in previous years, it reflects the steady decline in access over the past decade.

This executive summary analyzes key findings of the 2014 AccessMonitorTM report and offers insights about what the findings mean for the industry. The fact that nearly half of doctors have restricted access brings up a crucial question, according to Pratap Khedkar, ZS’s Managing Principal for Pharmaceuticals and Biotech: “If physicians are not listening to sales reps, what are they listening to?”

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