AccessMonitor™ 2015 Executive Summary

For Pharma Reps, a Challenging Market for Physician Access Gets Even Tougher

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Physician access for pharmaceutical reps continues to decline and has passed the halfway point. Throughout the United States, more than half of all doctors are now “access restricted” to some degree. That continues a steady downward decline in access that has played out for the past decade, increasing the pressure on pharma sales force effectiveness. Given these profound shifts in the industry, and the strong likelihood that they will continue over the next several years, the question becomes, how can pharma companies best respond?

About the Experts

Pratap Khedkar is ZS’s Managing Principal for Pharmaceuticals and Biotech, based in Philadelphia. He has advised many pharmaceutical and health-care companies on a wide range of sales and marketing issues, including multichannel marketing, marketing mix, promotion response measurement, managed-care issues, sales force strategy and incentive compensation.

Malcolm Sturgis leads ZS’s AffinityMonitor™ offering. He has advised pharmaceutical and biotech clients on a range of strategic marketing issues, including brand strategy, opportunity assessment, investment optimization, multichannel planning and sales force design.