Becoming an “Experience-First” Company

Prasad Adavadkar


Customer experience design and delivery are paramount to find, attract, retain and nurture customers in a customer-centric business environment. To that end, marketers have adopted many digital engagement tactics in the last few years in an effort to engage healthcare professionals, patients and providers. However, the increasing number of digital channels—along with undifferentiated messages and uncoordinated delivery—is resulting in too much noise and, ultimately, a poor customer experience.

Our current market research and consulting work shows that life sciences companies are acknowledging it as a problem, and they intend to elevate the capabilities to adopt customer journey marketing and AI/ML techniques to optimize the customer experience.

Read our recent article to uncover the strategic levers that will help life sciences companies get there and become “experience-first” companies.

About the Expert

Prasad Adavadkar is a digital transformation and marketing leader in ZS‘s Customer Centric Marketing (CCM) practice and is based out of Evanston office. He has more than 21 years of experience with advising life sciences companies and brands in advancing digital and omni-channel marketing capabilities across global markets. Prasad focuses on driving digital transformation initiatives with expertise in strategy and marketing technology enablement such as marketing automation, web experience management, digital content management, digital analytics, data management and managing global digital service hubs.