Helping the Whole Patient: The need to integrate data and understand the entire patient journey

Anshul Agarwal

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An understanding of patients and their respective journeys began in the 1980’s with use of physician-level data. It’s been a long road, but Pharma companies are now starting to access patient-level data which means better insights on the patient and a better opportunity to positively impact those patients. The possible advantages are many–from brand performance to clinical teams, several groups within a Pharma company can benefit from a complete view of the patient journey, but for many companies, changes need to occur and they need to begin now. 

In order to achieve a complete picture of the patient journey, data needs to be integrated and critical steps must be taken. Companies need to consider steps such as:

  • Designing an efficient ecosystem: Clearly defined roles need to be established
  • Leveraging new, non-pharmaceutical data sources to enrich information: There is no single, complete data source and supplementing available data is critical 
  • Getting comfortable making predictions based on small data sets: Connecting data sources can often reduce information and the ability to make predictions becomes very important

In this article, ZS analytics and strategy expert Anshul Agarwal, covers the evolution of patient data and the many ways Pharma companies can use this data for improved patient outcomes. Readers can walk-away with a better understanding of how to leverage patient data across a Pharma company, steps to take for data integration and what benefits to expect.


About the Experts

Anshul Agarwal is an associate principal in ZS’s San Francisco office. He has over 11 years of sales and marketing consulting experience in sales force design, distribution channel strategy design, patient analytics and information strategy design. He leads the global oncology and specialty therapeutics (distribution channel) strategy design and information management vertical at ZS. Recently, he has worked on ten-plus projects where he helped clients design the patient analytics and data management strategy.