How Pharmaceutical Companies Can Prepare for a Post-Hadoop World

Arun Ghosh, Sandeep Varma, John Miller, Vickye Jain and Shiv Singh

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Many life sciences companies struggle with knowing where to invest in analytics, especially when it comes to the use of big data. Capitalizing on big data has been slow and steady within the complex life sciences space. Companies continue to experiment with different teams, searching for ultimate business impact and powerful gains in efficiencies – from sales and marketing to manufacturing and process development.

Those that recognize the role of big data within their business are already thinking to the future and want to reap the benefits of a more advanced big data solution. They think about possibilities such as:

  • Sales and marketing: True understanding of customers and individual accounts with the ability to predict behavior
  • Manufacturing and process development: Deeper insights into potentially adverse events
  • R&D: More efficient drug discovery due to historical access of research data

In this article, ZS big data experts, Arun Ghosh, Sandeep Varma, John Miller, Vickye Jain and Shiv Singh cover the multifaceted issues that face business teams within a life sciences company. They also outline the impact of progressive, big data solutions compared to a more fundamental approach. Readers can walk-away with a better understanding of how analytics, including big data solutions, can and will continue to be a company’s strongest competitive advantage.

About the Experts

Arun Ghosh is a principal in ZS’s Los Angeles office. He is a senior consulting and professional services leader with more than 17 years of experience in opportunity identification, business development, engagement delivery and practice building. Arun currently leads a West Coast team made up of technology consulting and analytics services focused on big data/Hadoop-based data science services for process development, real-world data, multichannel marketing and campaign management, sales and sales force, global pricing and clinical operations analytics.

Sandeep Varma is an associate principal in ZS’s Pune office. He has over 16 years of technology consulting experience in architecting and delivering innovative solutions for complex business problems. He is a thought leader and chief architect of multiple large-scale enterprise big data platforms, and he specializes in rapidly building high-performance teams focused on cutting-edge technologies and high-quality delivery.

John Miller is a business technology manager in ZS’s Los Angeles office whose work focuses on transformational program management and big data technologies. His work experience at ZS has been across all stages of the software development life cycle including strategy, change management, business process re-engineering, development and operations. John works primarily with clients in the pharmaceutical industry in North America across a variety of functions, including commercial, R&D and process development.

Vickye Jain is a business technology manager in ZS’s Los Angeles office, and his work focuses on large-scale transformational technology platforms for the enterprise. His work experience spans IT strategy, roadmaps, solution architecture, and end-to-end implementations of analytical platforms based on big data, search and semantics. He has significant expertise in sales, marketing, R&D and process development domains within life sciences.

Shiv Singh is a business technology manager in ZS’s Pune office and leads the delivery of large-scale, transformational big data implementations for the enterprise. He has extensive experience in program and project management along with designing and architecting enterprise analytics platforms. He also has significant expertise in sales, marketing managed care, R&D and process development domains within life sciences.