Just in Time: How Automated Analytics and Alerts Will Transform Pharma Detailing

John Bienko and Michael Howes


Pharma sales reps have access to unprecedented amounts of data about physician prescribing trends, patient treatment patterns, promotional programs and much more. But does all this data improve sales effectiveness?

After working on data systems and issues with numerous pharmaceutical companies, we’ve found that data itself does not confer a competitive advantage—it’s what you do with that data that makes an impact.

The key is in turning the data into insight, delivered when sales reps need it. This entails a system that automatically gleans insights from the data, prioritizes what’s important and delivers critical information to reps moments before they walk into a doctor or hospital administrator’s office. We see such a system being crucial to maintain and expand sales. Reps will get real-time insights that give them a competitive advantage, and help companies optimize their sales resources.

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About the Authors

John Bienko is a Principal with ZS Associates and is based in the firm’s Evanston, Ill., office. John has consulted with more than 50 organizations on many marketing and sales issues, including analytics, promotional mix and marketing strategy, sales and marketing resource allocation, and market research. John has also led and facilitated organizations as they merged their sales and marketing operations.

Michael Howes, a Principal with ZS Associates, is based in the firm’s office in Princeton, N.J. Michael has worked with numerous pharmaceutical companies on a wide variety of marketing and sales issues, including analytics, account selling size and structure segmentation and promotional mix. In addition, he has worked in several therapy areas, including antipsychotics, oncology, cardiovascular health and diabetes.