Reducing Top-Down Adjustments to Your Forecast

Ramsés De La Rosa, Anne Agopyan and André Takahashi

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It certainly takes a well-coordinated team effort to organize the forecasting process, and the end results speak for themselves. Imagine a business review presentation to global where your forecast structure is robust, the inputs are solid and the implications of the various scenarios that your portfolio may face have been accurately quantified. Most importantly, these elements are clearly articulated in an eloquent presentation, and everyone understands your forecast.

Download this article to understand how using a joint task team and organizing forecasting across five pillars can help drive productive conversations to push a portfolio to the next level.

About the Experts

Ramsés De La Rosa is an associate principal in ZS’s São Paulo office and leads the firm’s work in Latin America with a focus on the Brazilian healthcare industry. His areas of expertise center on sales force and marketing strategy and implementation. He has worked extensively in areas such as sales force productivity, brand planning, forecasting, customer segmentation and targeting, marketing mix optimization, incentive compensation and sales process design.

Anne Agopyan is a manager in ZS’s São Paulo office and leads the marketing practice space. She focuses on marketing and sales issues in Latin America, working mostly in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia. Her areas of expertise include go-to-market strategy and implementation, market assessment, forecasting, commercial organization design and market research.

André Takahashi is an associate consultant in ZS’s São Paulo office. He is focused on forecasting projects in the Brazilian healthcare market and has worked on global projects covering forecasting development and support.

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