Unlocking the Value of Closed Loop Marketing Analytics to Drive Customer Centricity

Pratap Khedkar and Saby Mitra

The pharmaceutical industry has started to move from a brand-centric philosophy toward a customer-centric, commercial model using a new, digital approach to closed-loop marketing (CLM) programs. The success of this new approach has been fueled by the fact that many health care professionals have rapidly adapted to digital technologies. Click-stream data from tablet-based CLM is today able to capture a wealth of customer insights, attitudes and preferences. Pratap Khedkar, managing principal at ZS Associates, and Saby Mitra, associate principal, outline guiding principles on how CLM analytics help pharma companies achieve a customer-centric vision by 1) predicting customer preferences to design personalized engagements, 2) delivering personalized engagements to drive customer impact and 3) understanding the drivers of customer impact to infer preferences.

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