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Pete Mehr

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Orchestrating the Customer Experience

The digital age has transformed the landscape of the life sciences industry, creating both opportunities and challenges. Both patients and physicians now go online to access information and use a variety of devices to do so. Because of digital, there are far more opportunities to connect with customers. At the same time, digital has changed the way customers engage with traditional marketing channels. For example, more than 53% of all prescribers now restrict their interactions with sales representatives. For patients, 66% want health information via digital channels.

To remain competitive and keep up with shifting customer preferences, life sciences companies need to evolve their sales and marketing engagements from a tactic-centric approach to orchestrating the customer experience via customer-centric marketing (CCM). With CCM, sales and marketing efforts are integrated and customer insights are used to deliver the right message — at the right time — through the customer’s preferred channel. So for each customer type — patients, prescribers, key opinion leaders (KOLs), etc. — ZS’s CCM methodology leverages preference driven analytics to develop and deploy the optimal customer strategy enabling our clients orchestrate the customer experience.