ZS Medical Affairs Outlook Report 2017


Medical affairs organizations have been viewed largely as a support function in the past but is now undergoing significant evolution and growth. Having worked directly with medical affairs organizations over the past decade, ZS has witnessed that continued evolution and growth firsthand.

To validate our observations using data-driven analysis, we conducted a survey of more than 50 medical affairs clients on the current and future trends of medical affairs organizations. In our Medical Affairs Outlook Report 2017, we provide key insights from our analyses and outline where we think the industry is heading in this rapidly evolving healthcare landscape.

Download the ZS Medical Affairs Outlook Report 2017 for an in-depth analysis of:

  • The current state of medical affairs organizations and future trends
  • Evolving roles and activities of medical affairs personnel
  • Insight into the key challenges that medical affairs leaders face when expanding their teams—and how to address those challenges