ZS Roundtable: The Opportunities—and Risks—for Medical Device Companies in Emerging Markets

Tobi Laczkowski, Brian Chapman, Rohan Fernando, Andrea Traverso, Kelly Wang


Medical products and device companies have focused considerable attention in recent years on emerging markets. It’s easy to see why: The tremendous opportunities inherent in these markets—with large patient populations and unmet medical needs—make them enormously attractive to medical device manufacturers.

However, the particular sales and marketing challenges in places like BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) nations may diminish companies’ chances of success. The potential of emerging markets makes them too large for medical products and device manufacturers to ignore, but the size of the markets alone does not guarantee success.

ZS Associates recently held a wide-ranging roundtable discussion with several of its medical device sales and marketing experts to analyze the opportunities in emerging markets, and the ways companies have capitalized on those opportunities.

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About the Participants

Tobi L

Tobi Laczkowski is an Associate Principal based in ZS's Zurich office. Tobi’s medical device clients include those with an emerging markets focus in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia. He helps companies improve sales strategy, organizational design and operational efficiencies.

Brian Chapman is a Principal based in ZS's Zurich office. Brian has worked with medical technology companies on numerous sales and marketing issues, including opportunity assessment, organizational design, channel optimization and new-product launch strategy. He has spent much of his career working with global clients.

Rohan is ZS’s Regional Managing Principal for Asia and is based in the firm's New Delhi office. He has supported the commercialization strategies of more than 50 medical device, pharmaceutical and biotech companies across numerous markets.

Andrea Traverso

Andrea Traverso, Associate Principal, leads ZS engagements in Latin America. She has extensive experience helping medical device and pharmaceutical companies on their go-to-market strategy, commercial organization optimization and a variety of other sales and marketing issues.

Kelly Wang

Kelly Wang is a Manager at ZS Associates and based in the firm's Shanghai office. Kelly leads ZS’s medical device practice area in China. She has worked with many medical device and pharma companies on more than 40 engagements in several sales and marketing issues, including channel strategy, sales force effectiveness and opportunity assessment.