HCP Promotional Education Needs Assessment

Understand key value drivers and differentiators of HCP promotional education in an increasingly restricted environment

The pharmaceutical marketing environment is undergoing painful changes in its approach to promotions. Declining access to customers limits your ability to rely on the sales force to establish share of voice. Marketing teams need to optimize other opportunities to interact with and influence health care providers.

The delivery of promotional education programs such as dinner series, roundtables, webcasts and symposia is one of these critical opportunities. If executed correctly, these programs allow companies to find a more neutral ground on which to share with, and learn from, their customers.

The HCP Promotional Education Needs Assessment is a holistic approach that incorporates qualitative market research and competitive benchmarking to generate a 360-degree picture of the educational landscape: the content, channels and formats that HCPs value. Ultimately, the results of this assessment will increase the value of each dollar spent on promotional education programs.

ZS conducted a HCP Promotional Education Needs Assessment to help a client evaluate how existing programs were perceived, define customer wants and needs, and develop a plan with innovative approaches that could differentiate them from competitors.

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