Integrated, Comprehensive Product Launch Planning for a Large Biotech


A leading biotech firm is preparing for an upcoming blockbuster launch and has limited institutional launch experience due to infrequent launches.

Our Approach

ZS interviewed stakeholders across the organization to understand current and planned launch activities and then validated and refined based on ZS’ best practices.  ZS worked with the client to identify the key milestones across functional areas and integrated them into a single view that represented the first time the client looked at the launch holistically, instead of just within individual departmental silos.  We then facilitated several cross-functional workshops around critical launch issues (e.g., pricing, sales force planning), where we brought together cross-functional stakeholders to discuss the interdependencies and brainstorm an optimal future state that accounted for their various needs. This collaborative process drove organizational buy-in and better communication that continues to permeate the culture even after we are gone.


ZS’ solution built broad organizational alignment and momentum around the launch by engaging the cross-functional stakeholder group in the process from the beginning.  The client received a comprehensive, 700+ step launch management plan that incorporated the timing, duration, ownership and interdependencies among activities that needed to occur across all functional areas within the organization. In addition, the client gained the flexibility to adapt to the various contingencies that might occur to minimize the chance of “fire drills” when unexpected situations happen.