Merging Oil Companies


A global oil company wanted to integrate the sales force of a recently acquired company with its own.

Our Approach

ZS analyzed the existing customer base and potential market for both companies and used this information to determine the best size and structure for the combined sales force. Next, we created a geographic information system using our Javelin™ Territory Designer software and constructed balanced and efficient territories. ZS worked closely with the client’s sales management team throughout the territory design process to enhance the final alignment decisions and assure their successful adoption and implementation. We also supported the process by assigning sales representatives to the new territories using objective, quantifiable criteria.


The client experienced immediate efficiency gains. The deployment of the integrated organization reduced field-force travel time by 15%, which lowered selling costs and increased time spent with customers. ZS minimized disruption to customer relationships, sales representative relocations, and changes in reporting assignments; as a result, the client retained almost all of its customers and increased sales during the first 12 months post merger.