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We help our clients in the asset management, retirement, insurance and wealth management industries overcome functional, cultural and technological boundaries by helping their teams work together to deliver value to their customers at the moment of highest impact. The result of sales, marketing and analytics teams working better together? Customer-centric distribution (CCD).

Here are the kinds of expertise and capabilities we use to enable customer-centric distribution:

Recently, we’ve used our suite of CCD solutions to:

  • Transform the intermediary and institutional distribution models—to become more customer-centric—at one of the top three asset managers in the U.S.
  • Design a customer-centric client engagement model for one of the world’s largest institutional asset managers and feeding it through a road map that is validated and continually improved with test and learn methodologies.
  • Set the distribution model of a medium-sized U.S. asset manager on a path to be more virtual by transforming the internal sales capability to be more customer-centric and analytics-enabled
  • Refine the advisor and wealth management value proposition based on deep customer insights for a mid-sized broker dealer. Followed up with a strategic capability road map to bring the value proposition to life throughout the firm
  • Craft and implement the sales strategy for two recently-merged retirement firms
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