Why Your Companion Diagnostics Success is at Risk

There are thousands of companion diagnostics representing billions of dollars in development, but because companion diagnostics are so new for most pharma and biotech companies, they’re not always making the most out of their investments. In two videos, several ZS experts led by Principal Jim Adelizzi show how to maximize the enormous opportunity of a companion diagnostic.

ZS Video: How to Ensure a Successful Companion Diagnostic Launch


A companion diagnostic can be a true competitive differentiator for a therapeutic, but only when companies are able to take an entirely different approach to the product launch than for therapeutics. Jim Adelizzi and Manager Susan Bobulsky show the risks and how to overcome them.

ZS Video: The Three “Don’ts”—and Must “Dos”—in Launching a Companion Diagnostic


ZS experts list three common mistakes that can mar a companion diagnostics launch, and three actions companies can take to help ensure success.