New Sales Models for European Pharma:<br />Ensuring Long-Term Success With KAM

How Trust Is Essential in Long-Term Relationships

For pharmaceutical companies, Key Account Management requires more than a strong solution—it requires gaining customers' trust. In the latest iteration of the New Sales Models for European Pharma series, Chris Morgan, a Managing Principal for ZS based in London, examines why trust is the foundation of enduring success for pharmaceutical sales forces.

ZS Managing Principal Chris Morgan
Chris Morgan,
Managing Principal

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After a pharmaceutical company introduced a successful patient management solution to a client, why couldn’t the company sell it elsewhere? It's because the pharma company had not built strong relationships with potential customers before going to market.

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To become a trusted partner to their key accounts, pharma companies in Europe must become a true client advocate and offer solutions, not just products.

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Structural reforms are changing how health care is delivered in the United Kingdom—and those changes could have a profound effect on how pharma companies interact with their UK customers.