New Sales Models for European Pharma: Why Trust Matters in Solution Selling

Video Transcript – Chris Morgan, Principal

Well, as an example of a company that I was speaking to recently who had developed a very nice offering with an account which was to do with a complete patient management solution on a capitated basis. It was very elegant, very effective, the customer was delighted. And the company that I was talking to were very happy with it, and rightly so.

So they packaged this up and gave it to their other salespeople and told them to go sell it to other accounts. One year later, they had sold precisely zero. So why was that? So we were talking about their sales process, and we talked about the very first sales process. And they described for me a six- or seven-month process involving salespeople, the company president, lots of people from the account, consultants, etc.

Then we talked about the second sales process. Essentially, that was someone turning up to the account with a presentation which described this offering. And that’s where the problem comes. The misunderstanding is that that six or seven months they thought was about developing the solution, developing the idea—it wasn’t. The key point of that six or seven months was to build trust with the customer.

Before a customer is going to be willing to hand over their patients to you, they have to trust you. And I think that’s the critical thing in solution selling. Developing ideas is important, and it’s very nice. But real partnership requires trust.