A Closer Look at The Patient Journey and Market Research

Finding out what customers want and projecting how they will behave are essential elements of marketing for any industry, business or consumer. In pharmaceuticals, these efforts—embodied in the patient journey and market research—are more critical than ever.

And it’s not enough that pharmaceutical companies simply conduct in research and the patient journey. Marketers need to incorporate all elements of the marketing process into research and the patient journey, and develop processes that can create true competitive advantages.

The Patient Journey

What is the patient journey, and why is it so important to pharmaceutical companies? As ZS Principal Jean-Jacques Raoult explains in a video, the patient journey maps out patients’ long-term treatment regimen via stakeholders’ prescribing decisions, while uncovering the reasons people make those decisions. Jean-Jacques explains the patient journey can provide provocative insights that may cause marketing teams to rethink their strategies. Watch the Video ( /publications/videos/pharmaceutical-marketing-that-works-the-patient-journey ) .


( /publications/videos/pharmaceutical-marketing-that-works-the-patient-journey )

Jean-Jacques Raoult, Principal

Q & A ( /publications/whitepapers/zs-interview-marketers-travel-a-new-road-along-the-patient-journey )

A related ZS Interview with Jean-Jacques illustrates how pharmaceutical companies are using the patient journey and developing novel insights from it. He also talks about common misconceptions regarding the process, and how brand teams are finding new opportunities through patient journey simulations.
Download the Interview ( /publications/whitepapers/zs-interview-marketers-travel-a-new-road-along-the-patient-journey )


Research is at the heart of all pharmaceutical marketing, informing every aspect of the process. But many pharmaceutical companies make research a “check the box” function rather than a source of competitive advantage. ZS Principal Amy Marta shows how research can become a competitive advantage in a video, and tells how one company leveraged research to solve dosing issues that the company thought intractable. Watch the Video ( /publications/videos/how-to-turn-pharmaceutical-market-research-into-a-competitive-advantage ) .


( /publications/videos/how-to-turn-pharmaceutical-market-research-into-a-competitive-advantage )

Amy Marta, Principal

Q & A ( /publications/whitepapers/zs-interview-in-pharmaceutical-market-research-sometimes-you-can-get-more-with-less )

Amy also talks about how research teams can maximize their effectiveness in a ZS Interview. She outlines how companies that can “do less with less” will end up with stronger research capabilities. Amy also details why in research, as in fashion, it’s usually better to go with classic approaches that will never go out of style.
Download the Interview ( /publications/whitepapers/zs-interview-in-pharmaceutical-market-research-sometimes-you-can-get-more-with-less )

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