Pharmaceutical Marketing That Works




A series of videos over the next several months will show ZS’s unique approach to pharmaceutical marketing, which we call "Marketing That Works." ZS Managing Principal Kurt Kessler gives an overview to the series, explaining how ZS ensures different elements of marketing work together to produce results. Watch the Video.


Kurt Kessler, Managing Principal



The Patient Journey


The foundation of understanding customers, the patient journey details individual patients’ treatment for a condition through the prescribing decisions of stakeholders—and discovers why people make those decisions. ZS Principal Jean-Jacques Raoult explains the patient journey in this video and why it’s so important for marketing brand teams. Watch the Video.


Jean-Jacques Raoult, Principal


Q & A

A ZS Interview with Raoult reveals the ways pharmaceutical companies are leveraging the patient journey and getting the most out of it. He also talks about common misconceptions regarding the process, and how brand teams are taking advantage of new opportunities in building patient journeys.

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