Sales Management Association Annual Meeting Keynote "Sales Analytics Truths, Myths & Realities"

Mike Moorman

The escalating role of sales analytics in driving business growth and strategic advantage is both an opportunity and a threat for today’s sales and marketing executives. Big data, technology advances, and advances in sales analytic techniques are fueling a new generation of fact-based decision making, and leading to significant increases in sales force effectiveness and return on sales and marketing investments. Yet most companies are struggling to get their hands around which sales analytics to prioritize and how best to develop and act upon these analytics.

At the 2015 Sales Management Association (SMA) Annual Event, Mike Moorman shared insights regarding sales analytics leadership, and facilitated a panel discussion with sales analytics leaders across industries covering:

  • Key types of sales analytics, leading trends, and cutting-edge examples
  • Considerations, challenges and success factors in developing and employing sales analytics capabilities
  • Sales analytics impact on business growth and strategic advantage

About Mike

Mike Moorman is the managing principal at ZS’s Chicago office. He brings more than 20 years’ of global, cross-industry experience in helping clients transform their sales strategy and sales force capabilities. He is expert in a broad spectrum of sales models and issues, and has deep expertise in change management associated with large-scale sales force effectiveness initiatives. In 2007, Consulting Magazine named Mike one of the “Top 25” consultants of the year for his thought leadership and proven client impact in value-based sales strategy and sales force transformation engagements.

Mike lectures on sales force topics at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management’s executive program, and is a frequent conference speaker and author. Before earning a master of management degree from Kellogg, Mike was an aerospace engineer at NASA’s Johnson Space Center and at Rockwell International’s Top Secret Programs.

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