How Best-in-Class Companies Embrace Value-Based Selling


For years, sales and marketing executives have understood the power of value-based selling: the ability to generate business based on customer value, as opposed to relying solely on product features, personal relationships and low price. But companies have found it difficult to implement value-based selling throughout their organizations.  

"Value-Based Selling: Building a Best-in-Class Capability for Sales Effectiveness," a study prepared by the Aberdeen Group and commissioned by ZS, demonstrates the importance of value-based selling and reinforces the urgency for sales and marketing organizations to improve their value-based selling capabilities.  

ZS Videos: Value-Based Selling

Ty Curry, Managing Principal


Managing Principal Ty Curry talks about key findings from the study:

How Best-in-Class Companies Embrace Value-Based Selling


Making Segmentation Work for Value-Based Selling


Why Top Sales Organizations Use a Clearly Defined Sales Process


Value-Based Selling: Building a Best-in-Class Capability for Sales Effectiveness

Prepared by The Aberdeen Group; Commissioned by ZS Associates


More than 200 companies participated in a study commissioned by ZS that analyzed value-based selling. The findings show that best-in-class companies—top-performing firms in terms of customer retention, average growth and deal size—consistently implemented value-based selling practices at a far higher rate than average.

ZS Interview: Value-Based Selling Moves From Theory to Practice to Results


In a ZS interview, Ty Curry highlights specific findings from the Aberdeen study and discusses implications for companies that effectively implement this powerful approach to selling.