Curing Your Company’s Sales Compensation Addiction

Andy Zoltners, Chad Albrecht


ZS Founder Andy Zoltners and Principal Chad Albrecht presented this session at WorldatWork's 2012 annual conference.

Andy Zoltners

Chad Albrecht

Curing Your Company’s Sales Compensation Addiction

Andy Zoltners, Founder and Co-Chairman, ZS Associates
Chad Albrecht, CSCP, Principal, ZS Associates

Too frequently, sales leaders turn to incentives as a quick fix to motivate and control a sales force, and they overlook the power that other sales force decisions and programs have to influence salespeople, their activities and their results. Incentives are just one of many sales force effectiveness drivers. Most sales forces will be more effective in a balanced world, where incentives are just one component of a comprehensive sales force effectiveness framework.

In this session, Andy and Chad illustrated the unintended consequences that an over-reliance on incentives can (and does) cause. They also covered strategies for when to use incentives and when to use other talent management levers to drive performance and results.

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