Harnessing Generational Change: Creating the Travel Experience of the Future

Rasvan Dirlea, Russell Evans and Mike Francis


There’s no shortage of perspectives when it comes to the effect of generational change within the travel and tourism industry. What do millennials really want from a hotel stay? What will happen to business travel when boomers retire? Will Gen Z ever step foot on a cruise ship? But all too often, the conclusions drawn seem rooted as much in stereotypes as data, which makes taking action with confidence feel like a gamble.

ZS’s multigenerational research sheds light on how travel brands can create better experiences for current and future customers. Here’s how to understand what’s looming in the next generation (or even the one after that) and harness these insights today without alienating current customers to design the travel experience of the future.

About the Experts

Rasvan Dirlea is a principal based in ZS’s Chicago office. As a leader of ZS’s pricing and revenue management practice, Rasvan focuses on helping companies drive revenue and grow profit through innovative pricing strategies, customer micro-segmenting, targeting and product design. Over the years, Rasvan has worked with a broad portfolio of the world’s leading travel and transportation companies.

Russell Evans is an associate principal in the marketing practice at ZS and is based in ZS’s Chicago office. He has extensive experience leveraging data and customer insight as a foundation for developing actionable growth strategies, new products and services, user experiences and cross-channel customer engagement programs. Russell has worked across a number of industries, including consumer technology, apparel retail, hospitality and financial services.

Mike Francis is a manager in ZS’s Chicago office and is a part of ZS’s travel and transportation practice. He has worked with a wide variety of clients in the aviation, hospitality and entertainment industries. Mike has partnered with clients to craft compelling value propositions, create new go-to-market strategies, develop robust customer engagement processes, and design and deploy optimized sales team structures with enabling tools—often leveraging data, analytics and customer insight.

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