National Dialogue for Healthcare Innovation Research Report - Value in Healthcare

In preparation for the Healthcare Leadership Council’s (HLC) National Dialogue for Healthcare Innovation (NDHI) summit, ZS Associates interviewed leaders of HLC member organizations to explore and move toward private-sector consensus on the topic of how to best deliver value and innovation in healthcare.

The objectives of these interviews primarily were to explore how best to define value in healthcare, and then to identify the most pressing challenges and promising opportunities related to delivering value and spurring innovation in healthcare. The aim was to crystallize opportunities for HLC to make a positive difference in healthcare, whether through efforts to shape policy, private-sector collaborations or private-public collaborations.

The following report encapsulates ZS interviews with 51 stakeholders from 26 HLC member organizations, representing various sectors within healthcare, including integrated hospital and provider systems, payers or health insurance plans, medical device manufacturers, biopharmaceutical manufacturers and healthcare data companies.  

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