Oncology Data: From Uphill Battle to Decision Driver

Michael Howes, Maria Whitman

Industry experts estimate the oncology market will soon top $100 billion in annual sales. But what was once an open market of innovation is becoming more crowded and competitive. In 2013, 19 oncology products were released, and more than 2,000 remain in development today.

At the same time, the increasing number of targeted therapies and biomarkers means a proliferation of niche markets. Given these changing dynamics, companies need more than primary market research to corroborate their picture of the oncology landscape.

Oncology data is more nuanced than the industry has been used to, and therefore requires more situational adaptation and integration to be truly useful. It will likely never provide the holistic view of the market that we are accustomed to in primary care, but it can provide a much more robust picture through triangulation and using advanced analytic techniques. This paper presents a grounding framework for those embarking to evaluate and think about the different types of data sources in oncology today. Ultimately, we advocate the need for an advanced data perspective and proactive plan to harness its full potential.

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About the Experts

Michael Howes is a ZS Principal based in Princeton, N.J. He has worked extensively in oncology, and is the firm’s oncology data and analytics lead practice within ZS. His analytics experience within Oncology includes promotion response, account and physician segmentation,longitudinal claims data analysis to determine treatment process, and recently EMR data. His broader pharmaceutical experience spans across a variety of marketing and sales analytics projects, including marketing mix, promotion response and optimization, agent based modeling, brand performance reporting and diagnostics, and sales operations.

Maria Whitman is the Managing Principal of ZS’ Philadelphia office and she leads the firm’s Specialty Therapeutics & Oncology Practice. She has advised established and emerging companies on strategic marketing & sales issues, including launch excellence, brand and portfolio strategy, customer experience, customer journey & insight, scenario planning, effectiveness and medical affairs strategy.

Maria earned her M.B.A. with honors from Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania in Marketing and Health Care Systems and a B.S. in Marketing at La Salle University Maxima Cum Laude.