Teams, Not Individuals, Will Rule the New Medtech Sales Landscape

Brian Chapman and Matt Scheitlin

The sales game in medtech is changing rapidly. Product differentiation has narrowed. Budgets have shrunk. Most important, stakeholders like health networks, administrators, payers, patients, purchasing departments and even supply chain managers now have a major voice in deciding what to buy and how much to pay for it.

How can medtech companies appeal to these stakeholders? Each has different priorities and may veto a decision that was once solely the province of doctors. The traditional selling model entailed hiring the best salespeople who could cultivate strong relationships with clinicians. But today, the changes in the market have emphasized a team approach of individuals with specialized roles.

This paper examines the selling approaches that appeal to each of these stakeholders, and presents examples of how team-based selling strategies have been effective.

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About the Experts

Brian Chapman is a ZS Principal based in Evanston, Ill. While at ZS, Brian has worked with medical technology companies on numerous sales and marketing issues, including opportunity assessment, organizational design, channel optimization and new-product launch strategy. He has spent much of his career working with global clients.

Matt Scheitlin, a ZS Manager based in London, has worked primarily with medical technology companies on a broad range of sales and marketing issues, and is a leader in ZS’s product launch area. He has led the creation and development of many tools and frameworks used by project teams. Matt has significant experience in global organizational design and market opportunity assessment.