Unlocking the Promise of AI in Member-Centric Care

Harbinder Raina


Artificial intelligence holds much promise across the healthcare industry, from helping physicians with administrative tasks to increasing efficiency during clinical trials. For health plans, in particular, AI can help them increase operational efficiency, predict and manage risk, and provide member-centric care. However, a few key challenges—especially when it comes to data and developing expertise—could prevent health plans from unlocking the complete potential of AI.

In this white paper, we share how health plans can overcome these key challenges, and how to create an action plan for AI success.

About the Expert

Harbinder Raina is an associate principal in ZS’s Pune, India, office and has worked primarily with clients in the healthcare space. His work has involved sales force effectiveness strategies, incentive program design for sales teams and provider organizations, and managing analytics COE. He has a B.E. in mechanical engineering from NIT Surathkal (India) and an MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.