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To learn more about our work across Asia, please contact Sanjay Joshi in our New Delhi office


ZS is a professional services firm that works side by side with companies to help develop and deliver products that drive customer value and company results. We leverage our deep industry expertise, leading-edge analytics, technology and strategy to create solutions that work in the real world. We are passionately committed to helping companies and their customers thrive.

ZS’s India Capability and Expertise Center (CEC) consists of our cutting-edge offices in Bangalore, New Delhi and Pune that house more than 4,000 professionals. To manage a client’s evolving requirements driven by changing market scenarios, ZS has a well-established global operating model that supports any and all projects for our clients.

The ZS global operating/engagement model relies on integrated teams across the U.S. (on-site and onshore) and India (offshore) offices under a common program management model, supported with well-tested coordination and communication processes to create a seamless team. Through this unique working model, ZS is able to continue to provide unmatched, cost-efficient value to our clients in terms of content, quality and responsiveness.

We leverage our India-based offices to design flexible staffing models with offshore teams that have different cost and skill profiles. To offer the best, we’ve developed both client-specific and expertise-focused “spaces,” which include team members who specialize in specific marketing and sales issues, allowing us to staff our teams appropriately for any need.

Our India offices have proven to be a significant differentiator to the way that we deliver our services, and they are an integral component of ZS teams, which serve many clients across a range of outsourcing services. We have dedicated client teams ranging from two people to 100, with as many as 200 projects delivered for a single client in last 12 months. The CEC recruits talent to join our teams from the best engineering and business schools in India.

A key feature of our offshore capability is the creation of various PODs and expertise centers, which specialize in addressing marketing and sales issues for our clients. Our offices in India have expertise-based teams that have become innovation centers rather than just delivery centers.

ZS Policy on Equal Opportunity Policy for Persons with Disabilities