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ZS can help you navigate regional differences in sales and marketing to develop and execute local and/or pan-European strategies.

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To learn more about our work across Europe, please contact Adam Siskind in our London office


European markets present a conundrum for sales and marketing executives: while essential to master individual markets, they often must navigate Europe as a whole, untangling regional differences in sales and marketing to develop and execute a pan-European strategy.

Not only can ZS help you shape and execute sales and marketing strategies for national and local markets in Europe, but for Europe in its entirety. We balance deep sales and marketing expertise with intimate knowledge of the individual countries and the whole region — and how they interact.

In health care, consumer products, B2B and many other industries, we have advised clients on how to best shape and implement sales and marketing strategies and operations. As part of the largest consulting firm focused exclusively on sales and marketing, our growing European operations drive innovation and deliver improved results to clients, whether they are doing business in a single nation or across the continent.