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Enable Marketing and Sales Strategy and Execution through Actionable Customer Segmentation

Effective customer segmentation derives from a clear understanding of customer needs, buying processes and preferences, value perceptions, and potential. It also requires identification and understanding of the critical facts that will drive effective brand strategy, value proposition, and sales force design decisions. ZS helps clients answer questions such as:

  • Which customer and prospect facts are most critical to the segmentation approach and to downstream strategy and implementation decisions?
  • How can these facts be most cost-effectively collected and analyzed?
  • What is the optimal customer segmentation strategy for the organization?
  • What are the detailed profiles and the size of each segment?
  • How should the segmentation strategy be used to support go-to-market decisions and execution?

ZS combines marketing science expertise with decades of experience to help companies around the world develop highly actionable segmentation strategies that drive brand strategy through to tactical execution. Our segmentation solutions help clients:

  • Establish an optimal growth strategy by assessing key penetration, cross-selling, and account acquisition opportunities
  • Develop and implement customer-focused brand strategy, market offerings, and value propositions
  • Design effective sales processes and channels based on customer needs, buying processes, and potential
  • Optimize marketing mix and sales force resource levels and allocation to maximize growth and return on investment

ZS has the marketing research, go-to-market strategy, and implementation expertise to ensure our clients' segmentation strategies are both actionable and impactful.
Our segmentation solutions are based on meaningful customer insights and robust analysis of primary and secondary customer data. We help our clients anticipate the specific fact base they will need today, and in the future, to drive their go-to-market strategies and implementations.

We collaborate closely with our clients throughout the process to ensure that we leverage the combined expertise and experience of the organizations, while building strong buy-in and support from critical stakeholders in both marketing and sales.