Healthcare Ecosystem Solutions

The evolution of the U.S. healthcare ecosystem continues at a rapid clip. Providers are consolidating, with an average of 100-plus hospital mergers and acquisitions per year since 2013. As more accountable care organizations spring up across the country, and payers and providers compete for control, most U.S. patients continue to “shop local,” which has led to the creation of 104 local healthcare markets, according to recent ZS analysis. And those patients are empowered, playing an increasingly prominent role in their own healthcare decisions.

At the same time, life sciences organizations are contending with new relationship models with providers and payers alike. Recent ZS research revealed that 56% of healthcare providers now restrict access to pharmaceutical reps, and other stakeholders have become more influential in the pharmaceutical sales process. Payers, meanwhile, continue to increase their influence on treatment decisions, extracting $115 billion in rebates and discounts. And the healthcare industry as a whole continues its shift from volume to value, refocusing payment models around the quality and cost of patient outcomes.

Add in almost daily headlines and ongoing political debate about healthcare’s affordability and drug and treatment prices, and these trends are creating a perfect storm of disruption for life sciences organizations. The old models no longer work. It’s time for a reinvention, from clinical development through to commercial.  

ZS can help. Using our three decades of experience working with life sciences organizations, we’ll partner with you on this reinvention, and we’ll give you the insights and analysis that you need to prepare for what’s next. 
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The ZS Approach

ZS is a global consulting firm with nearly 5,000 experts in strategy, analytics, operations and technology. We’ll help you adjust your commercial approach to the shifting structure, altered balance of power, and increasing focus on value and outcomes.

Extracting insights about organized customers: As provider consolidation continues, our team can help you increase your understanding of organized customers, determining how they work and what their needs are—and how you can meet those needs.  

Crafting compelling value stories: To communicate effectively and successfully with your many and varied stakeholders, you need strong, customized value propositions. We’ll identify the levers that shape targeted, differentiated value stories for your customers.

Rethinking your commercial organization’s design: Repositioning your value messaging also requires that you rethink the people and roles used to deliver that messaging. We’ll help you develop the right sales and marketing structures to meet provider organizations’ new and different demands. 

Getting sales incentives and resource planning right: As you adapt your sales force’s roles and responsibilities, you also have to rethink how you get buy-in, and how you measure and incentivize performance. We’ll help you take a data-driven approach to your operations strategy.

Delivering deeper data-driven insights: We’ll help you solve your business challenges using advanced technology offerings, giving you the tools you need to make data-driven decisions in this increasingly complex landscape.

Solutions for Today’s Challenges Founded on a Long History in Healthcare

Having partnered closely with life sciences organizations for more than 30 years, ZS understands how the evolving healthcare ecosystem has shaped our clients’ success, and how innovations will determine their future. While we position you to win today, we can help you “see around the corner” to ensure that your success is sustainable.  

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