Marketing Mix

Maximize the Return on Your Marketing Investments—While Balancing Unrelenting Cost Pressures and Channel Proliferation

Marketers constantly struggle to find the right level and mix of promotions to support ever-higher sales goals. Compounding the issue are the growing number of promotional channels in the digital era and the intense pressure on marketing budgets and the bottom line.

Top-of-mind concerns for marketing executives and brand managers include:

  • Are we using the right promotional tactics?
  • Are these promotional tactics aligned with our brand strategy and are they driving the right behaviors?
  • What is the financial impact or ROI of our promotional tactics?
  • What is the optimal investment level—in total and by promotional tactic?
  • How can we better execute all of the different elements of our marketing plan?

Establishing the best marketing mix requires not only sophisticated measurement to accurately determine ROI, but also a great execution plan to tailor that mix to local market conditions.

Companies need to look comprehensively at the entire set of promotional tactics and go to market with a multichannel approach driven by customer preferences. An effective marketing mix will maximize a company’s chances of achieving and exceeding its sales targets, as well as provide a competitive advantage.

Develop an Effective Marketing Mix While Creating a Business Case for Enterprise-Wide Acceptance

ZS helps sales, marketing and brand executives substantially increase the return on their investments and gives them confidence that they are making the optimal promotional spending decisions. We have helped clients boost sales significantly for top brands as well as determine the optimal marketing budgets across a broad product portfolio.

ZS Marketing Mix services can help you:

  • Profitably increase brand sales up to 10% or more, often with reduced promotional budgets
  • Set the right marketing budget for each product
  • Determine for each product the right set of marketing tactics—whether broadcast and print media, sales forces, discount programs, detailing, sampling, direct mail or digital media
  • Determine optimal promotional allocation across a product portfolio
  • Gain stakeholder buy-in on budgets and promotional tactics
  • Develop detailed marketing mix plans, including the evidence to back them up and to support local execution