Women@ZS helps women build successful careers by enabling professional growth, launching connections and supporting individual choices.

By offering women respect, support, flexibility and connections, Women@ZS empowers women to make a positive impact on ZS’s business, the clients and industries we serve, and their own careers.

Our mission

How Women@ZS supports women

As part of our firm’s vibrant inclusion and diversity group network, Women@ZS is helping to further ZS’s broader diversity, equity and inclusion mission.

Enabling professional growth

ZS is committed to helping women build their leadership skills and grow as business leaders. Women@ZS understands the needs of our women and has a rich array of programming targeted to support women’s growth at different career stages.

Launching connections

Women@ZS helps connect and celebrate people with diverse backgrounds at both the global and local office levels. Through this inclusive global network, women can count on formal and informal mentorship and support throughout their careers.

Supporting individual choices

Every situation is unique. We offer short- and long-term flexibility to adjust work situations as priorities in life evolve, tailor transition support and create flexible schedules that help women balance their commitments with their career aspirations.

Aspiring to achieve gender representation

Through a series of key initiatives focused on hiring, engagement, retention, also known as H.E.R., we’re striving to increase representation of women and gender expansive ZSers across all geographies and all levels.

A place for you to grow

We believe in the value and impact women bring to ZS

Women@ZS helps women map out the paths they want to be on and supports them along the journey, wherever it leads.

Women at ZS


ZS is proud to be recognized as a great place for women to work


ZS has appeared on the “Best Consulting Companies for Women” list.

Best Workplace for Women

Great Place to Work UK named ZS a top workplace for women.

Avtar and Seramount

ZS has been recognized as one of the 10 best companies for women to work for in India.

Siddhi Bahl

Life at ZS

“My opinions have always been welcomed at ZS and Women@ZS gives women another platform to stay connected and ensure that their voices are being heard.”

Siddhi Bahl

Director, Pune

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