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Digital Pharma East 2019

Digital Pharma East 2019

September 17-20, 2019 | Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia

At Digital Pharma East, ZS Manager Greg Fry will give his presentation, “Taking Your Patient Marketing Measurement to the Next Level.”

Join ZS’s Greg Fry on Sept. 19 as he shares innovative ways to understand media’s influence on the patient journey. During Greg’s presentation, he’ll discuss:

  • How ZS partnered with a client to gain deep insights into how marketing touch points impacted health behaviors across different patient types
  • An approach to slice and dice media performance and health data, offering unparalleled flexibility in defining and tracking KPIs
  • The value and benefit gained by various client stakeholders (such as the brand team or analytics team, or agency and media partners) and best practices for collaboration

ZS Speaker: Greg Fry

Greg Fry


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