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Eyeforpharma Philadelphia

Eyeforpharma Philadelphia

April 16–17, 2019 | Pennsylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, PA

Field Force Effectiveness in a “Many-to-Many” World

Join Jude Konzelmann as he explores the paradigm shift away from the life sciences landscape nearly all of us used to know—where field forces were a prime information source and where relationships with physicians, since they were the primary decision makers, were essential for any successful pharma brand. Today, physicians are just one of many influencers within larger systems and the field force is just one part of a multichannel approach to connecting with those influencers. What worked well for decades is no longer enough in the pharma world of today. In this session, you’ll hear about the four changes that life sciences companies need to make to succeed in this new “many-to-many” world.

  • Learn about how field forces fit into the new system of influencers in pharma
  • Discover the four changes life sciences companies need to make to succeed in this “many-to-many” world

ZS Speaker: Jude Konzelmann

Jude Konzelmann


At eyeforpharma Philadelphia 2019, ZS Principal Jude Konzelmann will discuss the changing role of field forces in his keynote presentation, “Field Force Effectiveness in a ‘Many-to-Many’ World.”

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