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PMSA 2018 Annual Conference

PMSA 2018 Annual Conference

April 29 – May 2, 2018 l Grand Hyatt San Antonio – San Antonio, Texas

What is the Value of Customer Experience in Pharma?
Prasanna Kumar, Manager – ZS
Monday, April 30th – 1:30pm-2:15pm

While pharmaceutical companies do make efforts to improve CX, without proof that CX will have an impact on performance, changing a busy rep’s behavior can be challenging. But it’s not just reps who would need to change behavior. Because pharma has so many customer touch points, a comprehensive CX push would need to go well beyond rep calls and would require a significant cultural change within the organization.

AI Can Give Pharma Companies a Competitive Edge: Here’s How!
D Sahay, Principal – ZS
Arun Shastri, Principal – ZS
Tuesday, May 1st – 10:15am-11:00am

In the pharmaceutical industry, companies are still grappling with how to leverage AI to help drive commercial excellence, but it’s increasingly clear that, in pharma and throughout life sciences, AI has the power to differentiate organizational performance and can be a strategic advantage.

Predicting Patient Severity: Secondary Data Based Approach and a Case Study
Wesley Heeter – Genentech
Mukulita Bapat, Manager – ZS
Tuesday, May 1st – 2:30pm-3:15pm

Identifying disease severity using secondary data is often challenging due to lack of necessary information such as test results, specific biomarker information while at the same time it is increasingly important to understand market dynamics for different patient sub segments.

ZS Speakers: Arun Shastri, D Sahay, Mukulita Bapat and Prasanna Kumar

Arun Shastri

D Sahay

Mukulita Bapat

Prasanna Kumar

ZS experts will share insights on topics that impact pharma commercial organizations, including customer experience, predicting patient severity, artificial intelligence, and more.

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