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WorldatWork Spotlight on Sales Compensation

WorldatWork Spotlight on Sales Compensation

August 21-23 l Chicago, IL

Compensating Salespeople in a Digital World
Sales responsibility is being increasingly shared by salespeople and digital channels, and the role of the salesperson is changing. In this session ZS Principal Steve Marley will explore the ways our digital world is changing the way we buy, and the way we sell, and the way we need to think about sales compensation.

Motivating Sales: Sales Compensation and Beyond
While sales compensation is a proven motivator, it is merely one part of a multi-element motivational program. ZS Principal Chad Albrecht and ZS Manager Giovana Milaneze will teach you the framework for total motivation.

ZS Speakers: Steve Marley, Chad Albrecht and Giovana Milaneze

Steve Marley

Chad Albrecht

Giovana Milaneze

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